aXDelay – Ambisonic Delay Effect

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The aXDelay plugin is a delay with feedback and individual rotation of delays. It is available in three variations: first-order, third-order and seventh-order.

Download the demo version to test it with your system.

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Parameters and Features
The aXDelay has the following parameters and features for creative control of your Ambisonic sound field:

  • Five individual delay modules – control 5 modules each with their own delay, feedback and placement in the sound field.
  • Delay Time (manual or sync’d to DAW tempo) – control how much delay there is between the direct sound and the echo.
  • Delay Gain – the level of the delayed signal relative to the dry input signal
  • Feedback Gain – the gain applied to the feedback signals. Lower gains lead to faster decay.
  • Yaw, pitch and roll rotation of delay signal direction – rotate the sound field relative to the original so the echoes arrive from a different point on the 3D sphere.
  • Individual tap bypass – bypass individual delay modules.
  • Dry Level – control the level of the dry input signal.
  • Wet Level – control the level of all delayed signal modules.
  • Ambisonic Order Detection: processing automatically matches the order of the input signal to optimise CPU usage when working with lower orders than the maximum available to the plugin.

Input: AmbiX (SN3D/ACN) format Ambisonics.
Output: AmbiX (SN3D/ACN) format Ambisonics.

Plugin Formats:

  • AAX (64 bit) for Windows – Requires Pro Tools Ultimate or Studio.
  • AAX (Apple Silicon/Intel) for Mac – Requires Pro Tools Ultimate or Studio.
  • VST3 (64 bit) for Windows.
  • VST3 (Apple Silicon/Intel) for OSX.

Available Versions: The aXDelay is available with 3 levels of spatial resolution, with different maximum Ambisonic orders:

  • a1Delay – delay effect for first-order Ambisonic signals.
  • a3Delay – delay effect for up-to third-order Ambisonic signals.
  • a7Delay – delay effect for up-to seventh-order Ambisonic signals.
Seventh order Ambisonics requires a massive 64 channels for each track! Not all DAWs can handle this so please download the demo version to test if your DAW and workflow is compatible with this product – you might only need the first-order or third-order version!

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Windows AAX 64bit, Silicon/Intel Mac AAX (10.13 or later), Silicon/Intel Mac VST3 (10.13 or later), Windows VST3 64bit

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