Peter Stitt is a specialist in 3D (spatial) audio technologies. He graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2010 with an MSci (Hons, first-class) in Applied Mathematics and Physics and in 2011 obtained an MA (distinction) in Sonic Arts. During this time he developed several VST plugins for Ambisonics. He acquired his PhD in 2015 on the topic of Ambisonics for listeners outside the sweet spot. Following this he worked on Project BiLi in France, on topics such as binaural individualisation, head-tracking and externalisation. You can check out some his research work on ResearchGate.

Peter has also worked on creative projects involving spatial audio. His work has ranged from creative collaboration to software engineering. These projects have included spatial audio mixes for composers and artist exploration with a theatre company.

Peter is currently working as a consultant and developer of spatial audio tools, such as the aX Plugins.

projects and clients:

In the past I have worked on different commercial, academic and artistic projects. Here is a short selection: 

VideoLabs (VLC media player)
Bang & Olufsen (Ambisonic development in MaxMSP)
Sorbonne Université (Acoustic measurements and software development)
Project BiLi (Binaural Listening)
Stuart Leathem (Northern Irish composer)
Tinderbox Theatre Company

+ more