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The aX Plugins are Ambisonic plugins for the creation of spatial audio, VR/AR content, spatial music or whatever you can dream up.

SSA Plugins makes tools for audio engineers and artists working with spatial audio. We specialise in Ambisonic plugins aimed at making it as easy as possible to be creative.

aXPlugins Suite

The aX Ambisonics Suite provide you with the tools for a full signal chain working with spatial and immersive audio – from encoding to decoding and plenty in between.

The aX Suite includes plugins for Ambisonics panning and monitoring to get you into the world of spatial audio.

It also includes effects to use directly on your Ambisonics signals: delay, EQ, compressionnoise gate and deesser.

Save Money With Bundles

Buy one of our Ambisonic plugins bundles and you will save compared to buying all plugins individual.

Plus, any time a new plugin is released you will get it for free with your bundle!

What is Ambisonics?

Ambisonics is a 3D sound format widely used in VR/AR work for its efficiency and flexibility. It can be listened to over headphones or speakers to create unique immersive experiences.

Ambisonics brings new dimensions to your audio!

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Pick the Ambisonic Order You Need

All plugins come in three variations: first, third and seventh order.

First order: efficient at the cost of some spatial quality
Third order: balance spatial quality and CPU use
Seventh order: high spatial quality for precise sound source localisation

Not sure what exactly Ambisonic “order” means or what you need? Read our guide!

Get Started for Free

aXMeter Ambsionic meter with a third order input signal

Download our two free plugins: a1Panner and aXMeter.

a1Panner is a free mono/stereo to first-order Ambisonics panner.

aXMeter is a free meter for up to 7th order Ambisonics with channels grouped by Ambisonic order.

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