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SSA Plugins makes tools for audio engineers and artists working with spatial audio.
We specialise in Ambisonic plugins aimed at making it as easy as possible to be creative.

The aXPlugin suite contains a wide range of Ambisonic plugins (VST3 and AAX) that give you fine control of your signal from the start of the chain until the end. The suite contains the essential tools you would use for stereo but they have been adapted to work with Ambisonics, preserving the delicate spatial balance encoded in the signals. The aXPlugin suite aims to make it as easy for you to work in Ambisonics as you would in stereo, allowing you to focus on being creative.


Take your audio into the world of spatial and immersive audio. The aXPlugin suite lets you convert your audio to Ambisonics from mono or stereo and then decode it to something your ears can understand at the end.


Go from mono or stereo to the full 3D of Ambisonics using the aXPanner. Control the azimuth and elevation of the tracks to place them anywhere around you. Use width to increase the size of mono tracks or spread your stereo channels around your chosen direction.


Change the orientation of an Ambisonic signal by changing its yaw, pitch and roll. Easily connect aXRotate to your favourite head-tracker using the OSC protocol so your sound sources stay where you want them while you move your head.


Convert your Ambisonics signals to binaural for 3D headphone listening. Load your personalised or favourite head-related transfer function (HRTF) as .sofa format for a personalised experience. Convert to standard stereo or so-called “Super Stereo” UHJ format for playback over your normal stereo setup.


Tame the dynamics of your Ambisonic signals just as you would with stereo. Ambisonics needs to be handled with care to retain the spatial balance. The aXPlugin suite lets you control the dynamics of your signal with zero damage to the spatial scene you craft.


Catch unwanted peaks, even out dynamics, add punch to your Ambisonic signals. The aXCompressor gives you control of the temporal and level parameters you would expect – but for Ambisonics!


A companion to aXCompressor, aXGate allows fine control of how much the gate opens to reduce the background noise in your Ambisonic signals.


Reduce the sibilance of Ambisonic recordings. Use the virtual microphone to create a side-chain for the compression. Ideal for use with Ambisonic microphone recordings.

Spectrum, Delay and Levels


Sculpt the spectrum of your Ambisonic audio while preserving the spatial balance. aXEqualizer has 8 bands with choice of low-pass, high-pass, peak, shelves and more. Its display lets you see the changes you make to the spectrum in real-time.


Get creative! aXDelay has 5 delay modules each with individual delay, gain and feedback controls. It can also sync to the tempo of your track. Where it gets really interesting is the rotation controls: Send the delayed signals anywhere in the sound field. Spread the audio out in creative ways to make amazing new immersive sounds.

aXMeter (free)

aXMeter is a simple metering plugin showing you the levels in each channel. The twist is that the channels are grouped into Ambisonic orders, giving you a clear overview of what is going on. The meter styles are customisable, so you can choose how much information you want displayed.

Pick Your Resolution

Ambisonic plugins work up to a certain “order”. The higher the order, the higher the resolution of your sound, the higher the sound quality. The aX Ambisonic plugin suite is available in three different orders to suit your needs. If you are working with first order microphone recordings, stick with the a1Plugins. If you want to create your own immersive scenes with high resolution, the a7Plugins might be for you.

Don’t worry if you opt for a lower order and decide later you want to upgrade (say, from a1 to a3). Our upgrade policy means the price you have already paid will be removed from the upgrade. All you need to do is get in touch so get a voucher.

If you are not sure which Ambisonic order fits your needs, read our guide to help you choose.

a1 First Order

The a1Plugins work up to first order Ambisonics. They are ideal for working with first order recorded signals such as from the Sennheiser AMBEO, SoundField mic, Core Sound TetraMic.

Buy the a1 Ambisonic Plugins bundle to save over 30% compared to buying individually.

a3 Third Order

The a3Plugins work up to third order Ambisonics for a good spatial resolution. The a3Plugins are perfect for working with Voyage Audio Spatial MicCore Sound OctoMic and Zylia mic recordings

Buy the a3 Ambisonic Plugins bundle to save over 30% compared to buying individually.

a7 Seventh Order

The a7Plugins give you the option to work with signals from first-order all the way up to seventh-order Ambisonics for high resolution, future-proofed sound.

Buy the a1 Ambisonic Plugins bundle to save over 30% compared to buying individually.

Operating SystemsmacOS 10.13 or laterWindows 10 and 11
Plugin FormatsAAX, VST3AAX, VST3
Recommended HostsReaper, Pro Tools Ultimate, Pro Tools Studio*, Nuendo*, Cubase Pro*Reaper, Pro Tools Ultimate, Pro Tools Studio*, Nuendo*, Cubase Pro*
* Processing limited to third-order by the DAW