Upgrade to higher quality without losing out

Already bought a plugin from the a1 or a3 suites and fancy even higher spatial resolution? No problem! Just get in touch and we will send you a coupon to discount the amount you spent on the lower order plugin (excluding VAT) to apply to your new purchase of the equivalent plugin.

Example 1: you bought the a1Compressor for €40 (excluding VAT) but now you need to be able to work on higher order Ambisonics signals and want to upgrade. Get in touch and we will send you a coupon for the original €40 you spent that can be applied to the purchase of either the a3Compressor or a7Compressor.

Example 2: you bought the a1Monitor (€50) along with a1Rotate and received the 20% bundle discount. Now you want to upgrade the a1Monitor to the a3Monitor or a7Monitor, but are happy to stick with the a1Rotate. In this case you would get in touch and we would send you a coupon for €40 (€50 minus the original 20% discount) to apply to your purchase of the more advanced plugin.

This means you can buy the plugins that you need now without losing out if you decide to upgrade to more advanced equivalents later. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse!

Please note that more advanced plugins do not replace less advanced ones in projects. They are separate plugins.