Compatible Hosts

Ambisonics is not compatible with all hosts or digital audio workstations (DAWs) because it requires a particular bus structure.

We have tested compatibility with different DAWs, outlined here:

DAWa1 Pluginsa3 Pluginsa7 Plugins
Pro Tools UltimateYesYesYes
Pro Tools StudioYesYesYes, but limited to third-order due to PT limitations
NuendoYesYesYes, but limited to third-order due to Nuendo limitations
Cubase ProYesYesYes, but limited to third-order due to Cubase limitations
Max 8YesYesYes

Ambisonics is also supported in the following DAWS, though they are currently untested by us. This is something we are working on. If you have confirmation that they work, we would be happy to hear it.

PyramixContains Ambisonic buses up to third-order