aXMonitor – Ambisonic Monitor

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Ambisonics requires a decoder to convert to loudspeaker or headphone signals that carry the spatial information. The aXMonitor allows you to listen to your Ambisonic signals over headphones via binaural 3D audio (HRTF technology). It also decodes first-order signals to stereo loudspeakers, allowing you to distribute your immersive audio content via more traditional formats.

Download the demo version to test it with your system.

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Parameters and Features
The aXMonitor has the following parameters that you can us for the reproduction of your spatial audio scene

  • Gain – adjust the level of the final output signal
  • Output formats:
    • Binaural (headphones only)
      • default decoding using the HRTFs generated from Google’s Resonance Audio used by Google for YouTube 360.
      • load custom HRTF via .SOFA files, allowing personalised binaural rendering for a more accurate monitoring experience.
    • Cardioid stereo decoding – point two cardioid microphones left and right to capture the signals and send them to the left/right speakers.
    • UHJ Super Stereo – advanced Ambisonics-to-stereo decoder with occasional “outside the speakers” effect (FIR and IIR filter implementations).
  • Custom HRTF loading – load a custom HRTF stored in a .sofa-file for personalised binaural rendering.
    • Google YouTube 360 HRTF included as default.
  • Ambisonic Order Detection: processing automatically matches the order of the input signal to optimise CPU usage when working with lower orders than the maximum available to the plugin.
  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, and 192 kHz.

Input: AmbiX (SN3D/ACN) format Ambisonics.
Output: 2-channels of either stereo, super-stereo or 3D binaural sound for headphones.

Plugin Formats:

  • AAX (64 bit) for Windows – Requires Pro Tools Ultimate or Studio.
  • AAX (Apple Silicon/Intel) for Mac – Requires Pro Tools Ultimate or Studio.
  • VST3 (64 bit) for Windows.
  • VST3 (Apple Silicon/Intel) for OSX.

Available Versions: The aXMonitor is available with 3 levels of spatial resolution, with different maximum Ambisonic orders:

  • a1Monitor – decodes first order Ambisonics for reproduction of a sound field with standard resolution.
  • a3Monitor – decodes up-to third order Ambisonics, giving advanced spatial resolution for higher accuracy sound fields.
  • a7Monitor – decodes up-to seventh-order Ambisonics, giving the highest possible spatial resolution currently available in a DAW.
Seventh order Ambisonics requires a massive 64 channels for each track! Not all DAWs can handle this so please download the demo version to test if your DAW and workflow is compatible with this product – you might only need the first-order or third-order version!

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Windows AAX 64bit, Silicon/Intel Mac AAX (10.13 or later), Silicon/Intel Mac VST3 (10.13 or later), Windows VST3 64bit

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