Here are some old VST plugins I made during my masters degree. They are no longer supported but I make them available here for the curious. The download links contain both Windows and Mac 32bit versions of the VSTs. They were last compiled in 2012/13 but will still hopefully work with newer version.

You can find new and more advanced plugins in the shop and download demo versions.


UHJ encoder/transcoder

Convert your B-format to UHJ. If you take the first two channels then you’ll end up with a stereo downmix of your track.

UHJ Converter


B-format encoder

A simple mono & stereo encoder that allows you to output either 2D or 3D HOA encoded channels up to 5th order.

NOTE: The channel ordering follows the FuMa convention, not the new AmbiX standard (ACN ordering) used by Google for YouTube.


Stereo Near-Field Compensation

Compensate for low-frequency effects due to the proximity of your loudspeakers when monitoring.

NOTE: This plugin should be disabled when rendering your final mix but this does not happen automatically.