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aXRotate Update to Version 1.6.0

aXRotate, my Ambisonic scene rotator, has just had an update to version 1.6.0. In the new version I added the option to flip the direction of the rotations individually for each rotation angle. Simply click on the +/- button in the middle of each rotation dial and hear the rotation flip to the other direction! This update is free for all existing users and can be downloaded from your account.

Why is this update useful?

Well, aXRotate allows you to modify the rotation by connecting to a head-tracker over OSC. Not all head-trackers will use the same mathematically convention for which direction is considered a “positive” rotation. Using the new flip controls you can now match the plugins rotations with the angles supplied by your head-tracker.

A user requested this feature and I am really happy to have been able to add it. If you have any of your own requests for features you’d like to be added to any of the aXPlugins get in touch. I will do my best to include them as soon as possible in an update.